White Rabbit Beer

Just like with our code, we like our beer well crafted!

That’s why we had to have our own Zitec beer. Each year we brew 1000l of White Rabbit in limited edition. This year we decided for a Session APA!

How do I get a White Rabbit beer?

White Rabbit is a Zitec beer

Zitec, leading software company in Romania.
Visit the official website.

Make it Software

Not another IT corporate website, but a team, in a cool office working and having fun while at it. You really need to see this!

Produced by Ground Zero

A craft beer studio with a mission! Brewing well crafted beer since 2005.
White Rabbit beer

White Rabbit Session IPA

This is our previous beer version, a well-crafted IPA in limited edition. Meanwhile, it’s gone! Stay tuned for stronger stuff in the future.

What is an IPA beer?